Monday, April 15, 2013

Pale Pink Panther

 photo DSCN3124_zps93271409.jpg
Shirt: H&M [from clothing exchange]
Jeans: BDG Urban Outfitters [from clothing exchange]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

Whoohoo, clothing exchange duds! Excuse my hair. It looks like a disheveled scrunchie exploded on the back of my head. The back of yo head is ridiculous. Yes. Indeed it is. The disconnect between my layers is starting to drive me a bit crazy, so I think I'll probably chop my hair all off again in the summer once I'm home. The boy won't be too happy, but he'll get over it soon enough! I bought a Prabal Gurung t-shirt dress at Target this weekend that I've been eyeballing for weeks. It was on sale too, hooray! Still kinda expensive for me (Mary rolled her eyes when I was going through the pro/cons of shelling out $10.48 for it), but I shall wear it a lot in the summer and dazzle/burn peoples' retinas with the fantastical kaleidoscope-on-steroids print! Oh how I love prints. And colors. And sales. Definitely sales.  photo 4037d070-e299-472d-977e-bf88fdc9ff20_zps6a988333.jpg  photo DSCN3125_zpsfed9db2c.jpg  photo DSCN3130_zps5597b660.jpg  photo DSCN3132_zps3b73b946.jpg

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