Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 photo dd08a4af-e994-413d-8570-83d32e0e11f5_zpsbeef216e.jpg
Shirt: H&M [clothing exchange]
Shorts: Old Navy [$10ish]
Boots: Target [$11]
Necklace: Old Navy [$2]

I felt very western/rodeo-ish with this getup. Like I was going to be an extra in Footloose or something, but with absolutely no dance skill. Still, whenever I don't really know what to do with the ends of a shirt, I always end up typing it up. Especially because I'm on the shorter side of the spectrum, the extra fabric can sometimes overwhelm everything, resulting in sad potato sack looks.  But hooray for playing with proportions! It's my last day in California before heading to Boston tomorrow morning, and I realized I acquired way more clothes throughout this summer than I probably should have. Whoops! Enjoy your day y'all.  photo IMG_0940_zpsad629b18.jpg  photo IMG_0930_zps33b984e6.jpg  photo IMG_0931_zps0782cd54.jpg  photo IMG_0933_zps73ae49c2.jpg  photo IMG_0935_zpsc05c7ba2.jpg
Photos by Dais

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