Saturday, August 10, 2013

SoCo Mix

 photo 41e3f298-6d44-4499-ac74-657294b86c49_zps90303a44.jpg
The other week, Ken and I headed over to SoCo, this plaza of sorts that opened up next to my house not too long ago. It's unique, to say the least. Filled with artisan shops, tasty food joints, cute little boutiques, succulents upon succulents, and complete with a Farmer's Market twice a week, it's the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Considering how it used to be a dilapidated collection of nearly-abandoned furniture stores, it's awesome how many people come now. Check it out here! photo IMG_0331_zpsc1eafa04.jpg  photo IMG_0298_zpse8fb2c70.jpg  photo 163b02b3-f5f3-484b-b5f7-0800fbb07d0e_zps61b22d4e.jpg  photo 827edeca-e158-4c20-b472-6c35c2c3b61e_zps245a1a9f.jpg  photo IMG_0304_zps6281cea3.jpg  photo fceb4756-2d45-410a-a6bb-651092766123_zpse1fe40f8.jpg  photo 88d28b75-5a12-4beb-bdc6-630f63e23617_zpsec872b21.jpg
The ham and jam sandwich is mighty fine.  photo IMG_0315_zps22c1ccd0.jpg
 photo c188a131-0bcd-41c1-85a0-8073a4f3b8dc_zps0c693352.jpg
Homemade gelato is SO GOOD. 

Photos by Ken and I 

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