Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears and Foxes

 photo IMG_0195_zpsc84531f8.jpg
Shirt: H&M via Buffalo Exchange [$3]
Skirt: F21 [$6]
Sneakers: old Vans

New camera pictures! It was an animal theme for the day. Although this H&M tank is being held apart by two heroic strands of thread, I love the fox print so much that I pray for the best every time I pull the thing through the arms and over the head. This leopard print skirt has been pretty abused in my closet too; I wore it every other day last summer and tore a hole the size of a football in it in the winter. After some finger stabbing and multiple re-dos, I finally stitched the hole back up. Thankfully, the print is busy enough to hide the fact that I did a horrendous job. Now it's off to Arizona to visit family, watch the Diamondbacks, eat a ton of delicious food, and die slowly of heat! photo IMG_0200_zps399f610b.jpg  photo 51f3e6c5-45a0-4dc5-80ae-181e2d2165d9_zps46444a14.jpg  photo 7456fd6b-1e0f-4a49-8d2f-0b9c39a0b2d9_zpsebf7d65a.jpg  photo 92f3ee73-04d7-427f-bf60-799580dcb118_zps7e37288c.jpg  photo f3c4874a-a8ff-446f-a36c-af76c5c7b701_zps953602ac.jpg  photo e864cc8e-dacb-4e1f-b001-193ba77d927a_zpsabd86beb.jpg  photo aa12d4bf-7430-4c52-b097-5bbc40edd14c_zps8d22e450.jpg  photo IMG_0204_zps4f6f3fdf.jpg  photo IMG_0206_zps8c4d67d3.jpg
Photos by Ken

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