Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A couple snaps from the drive back from Arizona to California.
 photo IMG_0881_zps2972bb5b.jpg
Rest stoppin'. Trying to appear relaxed but looking far from it.  photo beb6eceb-2d73-4a8c-8492-1ff7d15dff6f_zps36d79172.jpg  photo 288c8e84-7a06-4099-a42b-51125c87470f_zps939a0401.jpg
I love how they're called wind farms. I always wonder if this area is like a graveyard for birds that didn't see it coming.  photo 4085a51f-99a3-42e3-952d-9cac81126b34_zpse59f2fb5.jpg
A much frazzled picture of Ken and I (okay, mostly me) after a handful of hours in the car. My hair was not happy with me this day, but whatcha gonna do? To stay awake we had an arsenal of flavor-blasted Goldfish (the best), rock-hard Red Vines (we left them on the dashboard to heat em' up), Starbucks refresher drinks (kinda weird tasting but not half bad), and tropical Skittles (delicious stuff). Man, I love road trips. 

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