Friday, January 9, 2015

Twenty Fifteen

Photo by Jo Vo on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (when the weather was lovely and not a ridiculously meager 15 degrees)

To put it quite simply: 2014 was nuts. 
In my head, the year was broken up into three main parts.

Part 1 (January-May) 
aka "No Free Time Means No Time to Think About Feelings"
2 internships + 3 babysitting jobs + School = the perfect (kinda) solution to a break-up
Memorable Moments: 
- Interning at Oprah Magazine means free things all the time!
- Getting chosen to work with Oprah's personal stylist to shop for the cover is very weird and very cool
- Interning at Chinamine means free fancy dresses for all important occasions
- My friends are the best
- Graduating is way less underwhelming than imagined. The free alumni pen is pretty nifty though

Part 2 (May-August) 
aka "No I Don't Know What I Want to do After Graduation" and "Screw It, Let's Go to the Beach"
Memorable Moments:
- California in the summertime is always the best
- Kha got married!
- Thien got married!
- Sisters are a great substitute for the first summer being single in awhile 
- Roadtrips around the USA are and will remain a personal favorite

Part 3 (September-December)
aka "I Came to New York to Visit For a Week but Ended Up Getting a Full-Time Job and Canceling My Flight Home and Staying On Friends' Beds/Couches" 
Memorable Moments:
- Yeah, the part where I got a full-time, big-girl job (salary! benefits! paying off loans!) out of the blue and canceled my flight home
- My friends are the best. For almost two months they housed, clothed, and fed me. Did I mention they're the best?
- The working life ain't so grand.
- Back to Brooklyn! Crown Heights, yo.
- Fashion in NYC is much less glamorous than it looks/sounds/is, but thank God for a job anyhow 

So that's 2014 in a nutshell. 

It's surreal and I'm still processing it and I have no idea what's in store next or if I'll stay in New York or stay at my job or even stay with this profession that I thought I wanted but am now questioning. I don't have the faintest clue. But I do know that if you told me a year ago that all of this would have been in my future, I'd have run away screaming. Yet God has funny, wacky, unexpected plans that end up being pretty amazing. I'm very much still figuring it out, but what's life if not to be challenged and grow from that? 

So here's to a new year with new everythings. Cheers!

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