Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halter Dressing

 photo IMG_1442_zps9549897b.jpg
Dress: Target [$8]
Shoes: Old Navy via Savers [$6]

Sorry for my lack of posting! It's been so busy that I kinda keep forgetting that I have a blog...oops. But I'm gonna try my best to keep up with posting! Anyhow, I got this dress when Target was having a sale on their sale (that's always the best), and I immediately loved it. It's just so much fun, yet still manages to be polished. I had a full length picture but it was too blurry to publish. I guess it's just all the more reason to wear this dress again and take pictures. I hope your Labor Day was un-laborous and relaxing! photo IMG_1444_zps4d5af139.jpg  photo IMG_1449_zps9275bf4e.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps8219f000.jpg  photo IMG_1447_zps2936ba1b.jpg  photo IMG_1448_zps7a0818b8.jpg
Photos by Daisy

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